Character Constructions

I’ve always loved paper dolls. So when I discovered Catherine Moore’s Character Constructions paper doll art stamps, I was hooked! So many imaginative  “paper doll parts” that can be mixed & matched to create one of a kind paper art dolls – how could I resist? 

She has quite a few collections out now, each with a whimsical theme. The most recently released at the time of this post is “Adventures in Tea.” I have been collecting the stamps for years now, so I’ve got a nice selection to choose for when I’m in the mood for a creative project.

When I have the time, I also like to participate in art swaps with other fans of Character Constructions. The photos below are some of the pieces I’ve created for various “tag” swaps. Each participant embellishes a plain shipping tag with a character, going along with a theme. It is just as much fun to create the tags as it is to see what other artists can dream up!


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